Author Topic: Terrain and Waypoint/Turnpoint file questions  (Read 449 times)

Dave Benjamin

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Terrain and Waypoint/Turnpoint file questions
« on: May 06, 2018, 09:12:04 PM »
My understanding is the the entire US (world?) terrain maps are pre-loaded in the CNII.  However, when on the ground, if I move the scroll box on the map more than about 125 nm, CN does not display any terrain info.  From this, I assume that the CN only loads terrain data that it "needs".  Is this a correct interpretation?  Is there a way to get the CN to display more distant terrain data while on the ground? 

Also, is there a practical limit on the number of airport/waypoint/landmark data records in a single waypoint/turnpoint file?  If it is very large, why is there not a combined database for large areas, for example the entire western US?



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Evan Ludeman / T8

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Re: Terrain and Waypoint/Turnpoint file questions
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2018, 07:27:57 AM »
Right on the first bit.  CN2 loads the terrain surrounding its current location.

The waypoint file capacity is something in excess of 1000 pts.  The practical limit has more to do with ease of selection for constructing tasks more than any other single factor. 

Note that you can load multiple databases simultaneously, for instance Minden, Ely + Parowan (that ought to keep you busy :-)).

I have a humongous database I am working with for the Appalachian ridge system. 

All of the databases on WWTPE are volunteer efforts of one sort or another.  If you don't see something you want, well, there's your opportunity to create and share (it's a fair amount of work, for sure).
Evan Ludeman / T8