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CNv (Variometer)

November 6, 2021 - NEW CNII Software Ver. Released

ClearNav is pleased to release a new software update for ClearNav II flight computer. The release notes are included in the software zip file available on the download page.

ADC (Air Data Computer)



CNvS (Vario Display Square)


Thermal Assist Screen

TA Display




The CNv (Variometer) consists of the Air Data Computer (ADC) which is the brains of the CNv which provides the advanced instrumentation that drives ClearNav variometer displays. The ADC provides the following
  • Airspeed
  • Altimeter
  • Total energy (from the total energy probe, or via electronic compensation)
  • Cockpit ambient pressure altitude (for the IGC Approved flight recorder)
  • Outside air temperature
  • GPS receiver with external MCX antenna connection
  • IGC secure flight recorder, approved for all flights.
All ADC's, including earlier build versions, also include advanced 3-axis inertial and magnetometer capabilities that will be utilized in future by ClearNav variometer systems.
  • Magnetometer, used to provide enhanced accurate wind data
  • Accelerometers to enable gust filtering and other advanced capabilities.
  • Gyroscope capable of providing an artificial horizon
Also provided on the ADC are switch inputs to allow the system to provide gear and spoiler warnings, connection to one or two speakers, a USB port for downloading flight records from the IGC flight recorder and CAN bus and serial port connection to ClearNav Variometer Displays, ClearNav Navigator Displays, and third party flight computers and soaring software.
The CNv continues the ClearNav design philosophy of providing robust and configurable products which are simple to use and require a minimum of heads-down time in the cockpit. CNv ships with a complete package of hardware and software which now come standard with an IGC secure flight recorder. Additionally it provides navigation display, task editing and serial data out to drive third-party navigation. The CNvS climb screen is displayed in the photo on the left with the thermal assist screen shown directly below. A view of all screens can be seen in the user manual.

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CNII (Flight Computer)

The CNII is a no-compromise integrated cockpit navigational instrument and display providing full situational awareness for glider pilots.
  • Upgraded Processor and VGA display
  • Sophisticated software functions
  • A full-function remote keypad
  • Flexible installation options
  • A simple user interface
  • Integral GPS & secure IGC Approved flight recorder
  • FLARM Interface and displays. (more)
  • Airspeed/wind input compatibility
  • Near unlimited memory and easy data transfer
  • Vibrant, bright display eliminates squinting- easily readable in full sunlight
  • Single screen and Glide-Amoeba makes viewing alternate landing spots simple and straightforward
  • Focus on flying with the Turn Area Task Management feature – stop making distracting, constant adjustments and inputs in the air
  • In-flight OLC Performance
To Purchase
Contact ClearNav Instruments or (530) 473-5600
2 Year Warranty and Made in the USA

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