Would you be inclined to use Stealth Mode as described?

Yes, all the time.
0 (0%)
Yes, but only in competition.
8 (57.1%)
Only occasionally.
1 (7.1%)
5 (35.7%)
I'm a ClearNav user, but I don't use flarm.
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Author Topic: [Poll] Flarm Stealth Mode  (Read 6003 times)

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[Poll] Flarm Stealth Mode
« on: February 19, 2015, 09:38:56 AM »
I had a nice 3 way chat this morning with Richard Kellerman and Daniel Hoffmann, who is the general manager at Flarm.

Flarm is changing the way they implement Stealth Mode in the next mandatory firmware release (April 1 iirc) and it's worth talking about.

In the new implementation, when stealth mode is selected:
  • You will not appear on other flarm tactical displays unless you are within 2km horizontal and 300m altitude differential
  • Your glider ID will never be displayed

as well

  • Your flarm tactical display will not show other glider IDs, nor any other flarm traffic outside these same physical parameters

2km and 300m is visual range.  Basically what this does is make powerflarm a collision avoidance tool, period.  It takes electronic leeching right out of the game. 

I'm interested in discovering if our customers have strong feelings about this.  Would you be inclined to use stealth mode in comps?
Evan Ludeman / T8