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CN helped me win!
« on: October 26, 2016, 08:41:54 PM »
A quick post to thank David Masson on putting together a truly superb vario, his latest release & philosophy really played a part in my recent win at the Australian gliding nationals - 15m class.

The one circle averager is second to none, I can immediately see the results of a good or poor re-center.  Thankfully with the new re-centering thermalling tool, this rarely happens when I tune it into by backside also!

The philosophy of having the relative netto in the cruise is great, ensures a smooth transition to climb tones when you do stop and turn.  I like my needle on Netto to see what the air is doing around me. 

I need more time on the predictive climb feature, but it seems to work a treat - better when the thermals are weak though?

Loving the display of the wind on the CNv digital display too, it's now incorporated into my pre-climb scan flow and helps me find and core the climbs quicker.

I still fly with a CN MFD #1, the AAT calculations are again - second to none.  I had brilliant results on all three AAT days flown.  Why?  I can focus on the sky ahead, not moving points around the sectors in order to make myself feel better about my deviations.  The ETA calculation of the blue arc is brilliant, there are things I'd like to see changed though.

Thanks again ClearNav, but especially my WGC sponsor:  ClearNav UK for the brilliant vario!

Adam Woolley


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Re: CN helped me win!
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2016, 03:49:17 AM »
Congrats Adam on your nice flying and new title!
Just by curiosity; can you post the settings you used in the CNv? (the profile file perhaps?)



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Re: CN helped me win!
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2016, 12:28:05 AM »
Hello Lars,

Sorry for my slow reply, only just saw this now.  I can only reply with my CNv profile as fact, and my memory for the CNv vario settings.  Hope this helps.

I fly with these settings as my CNv profile:

Climb/Cruise switching
Switching mode: Auto
Audible chime: Off
Preempt Climb: Enabled

Cruise Settings
Audio: Relative Netto - what this gives is a very smooth transition to climb, when you do finally decide to stop and turn.  It allows me to literally focus on whats going on outside and the feel of the glider.  Quite often, I don't look at the vario until at least 1/2 way around a circle - and even then, sometimes its not important.  Reason, the climb feels like it's the one and it doesn't really matter what the climb rate is.  I'm just dialed into the tone and the feel.
Needle: Netto - so I can glance at it to know what the air is doing around me.
Average: Netto
Deadband: None;  I like the sink tones, they irritate me and get me looking for better air asap!

As for the vario setup, I think I fly with 0.3s - because I can.  The CNv is extremely smooth, even when this fast.  I find the other good setting is 1.7sec;  As for netto average, I'm pretty sure I have it setup on 10sec;

Definitely recommend trying the above.  Hope this helps, any questions - please ask!