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V7 or CN Vario?
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:09:14 AM »
I'm a bit on the fence regarding a new vario.

I assume the CN vario will at some point be able to send more info to the CN display allowing for more features?

Anyone flying V7 with the CN screen?

Any basic feedback on either vario in flight?




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Re: V7 or CN Vario?
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 06:18:10 PM »
A review I did for some Aussie pilots whom asked the same question...

Hello All,
Cheers for the update, great to hear that the CC switch will soon be upgraded/replaced - I find it very distracting to have to think about flicking the switch, i.e. not focused on the start of the climb phase, feeling the air as I should be etc.
Onto my review of the CNv as it is now.  Apart from the above, which will be fixed pronto by the sounds of it. Two words:  Simply outstanding.  Where to start though?
The display screen, is amazing.  Extremely sharp, bright and easy to use, with the menu options as they are with all cambridge devices - easy to navigate around.
The vario needle, is unique & easy to see.  To maximise the full potential of the screen, it's not anchored off the centre as with all other varios - but on the ring itself.  The needle is a mechanical pointer and is very fluid, moves easily and accurately.  Highly customisable (easy), you're able to tweak it to your liking.  I started off with the factory default of 2.5sec (for the pointer and sound constant), for me this was too slow.  I moved it to 2.0sec, and became absolutely ideal.
CNv in the cruise, simply outstanding - very accurate.  I've been flying with the 'Netto' only option at the moment, though I'll soon try the 'Relative Netto' (slowing to thermalling speed and 45* AOB) for comparison.  I find it's the only vario I look at in the cruise (operating a B700 as my backup), great for knowing what the air is doing around you.
CNv in the climb, simply outstanding - very accurate.  The stats it displays on the screen are perfect for me (I think it's the same as the smart vario in the C302).  It displays at the top a 0:20* averager & on the bottom, a total climb average (e.g., 4:34).  *A count-up second averager to 20sec: as you enter the lift, it starts counting up with your average lift encountered.  So at 13sec for example, I know where I'm at.  I find this excellent for knowing whether or not I'm going to stay in the climb - great also for telling my teammate my first impressions of the climb.  This setup is great for seeing real-time whether it's time to go or not, if the 20sec averager drops below or gets close to the bottom-to-top, then it's easy to make your decision as to whether to stay or go.

CNv: Centering - outstanding yet again.  I'm finding that I can centre climbs faster than ever before, because of the accurate information.  Never flown with a better vario in my 1000hrs of soaring.
CNv tone, it's ok - bit tinny though.
Downers, there always has to be one.  After flying with the B700, I realised how important it is to have an expanded scale in the 0-2kt range, then normal from there.  I find in the weak lift (it does happen!) or on the marginal afternoon glides - I still look at my B700 often, as the needle shows me that I'm climbing at 120fpm for example.  The CN scale is the same as every other modern vario on the market - making it hard to use in the very weak climbs.  i.e., the needle moving a minuet amount.  Having said that, I still use the averages produced by the CN in the weak climbs - as it's still very accurate and easy to read.  I'm praying that this expanded scale comes into fruition.
Overview, this is an amazing vario - and I can't help but imagine how awesome it's going to be once it makes it to the CNv2000.  The CN (nav) is a brilliant device, but is going to be off the scale awesome when the CN & CNv talk together.
Welcome to the new age of gliding, the whole CN system is the way forward!!!


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Re: V7 or CN Vario?
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2012, 08:35:46 AM »
Thanks. I've ordered the CN vario. Hope the future updates make for good things on the CN display.