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ClearNavII navigation screen suggested improvements.
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:08:43 PM »
After a year of flying with the CNII I am impressed with many of the straight forward features and display quality.  I would like to make the following suggestions for improvement.

1. I had a blue circle show up once when flying, I never knew what it was for. On the forum I was told this was transponder traffic nearby. So this subtle blue circle was supposed to save my life and others people lives in a potential collision situation?  Please have AT LEAST the text come on screen say "Transponder Traffic Alert".

2. Light grey lines should connect trace dots, when you try to see where you flew before or how your new circle compares to past circle it is very confusing that there are just a bunch of dots with no connection between them. Of 5-8 Soaring GPS systems that I have flown with this is the only one where the trace dots are not connected, and I cannot think of any advantage of the current setup.

3. All airspaces are shown in red. Currently no way to distinguish between a C/D/MOA that is not a problem and Restricted/Prohibited airspaces. The user should be able to set airspace color by airspace type, and possibly choose fill or not for each type.

4. Navigate to finish should always navigate to the shortest distance to finish, Current design has it maintaining a nav point on the edge of the finish cylinder that was on the original finish course. This point does not get updated when you drift off course. In the extreme occurrence if you drifted downwind the CN suggests you navigate to a longer course. This can cause extra heads down time right near the finish where is it potentially dangerous. I am unclear if this is also and issue for the turnpoint in a MAT or TAT task. See attached.

5. Just set finish height in the task to MSL or AGL over finish there. There should be no involvement of either red or purple Ameba number. There is a convoluted hidden link between these that the user would never expect.

6. Display both distance units in certain outputs, such as task length show current units AND kilometer distance.  This is very helpful so that on the runway the pilot should not have to find another way to convert miles to km when declaring a task.

7.Turnpoint name length short or long only now, Please allow setting the # of characters. [Short is too short for me, and long can occasionally be crazy long in a .stx file].

8.There are several undocumented features. Rewrite manual to have all up to date info in one place and website with all up to date features, best practices, hints/tips and FAQ from Forum.

9.Declare to CN Vario and possibly flarm as well.

10.Save profile to USB so it can be backed up, shared and placed back on unit returned from service. Also some pilots have multiple gliders that they would like to have the same profiles copied to, or share with a friend.

11.When you create a task you should be able to zoom and pan the TASK MAP page, otherwise it stays centered on your current gps location. When the task is remote from your current position this screen is useless.

12.On GPS info page UTC time should show in 24hr clock not AM/PM. I've never seen UTC expressed in 12 hours anywhere else. (Low priority)

13.Import polar file from a library instead of having to key in numbers. (low priority).