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Cambridge Model  10/20/25 OLC Conversion/Submission Guide



This conversion is to create an IGC file for OLC submission only. It is believed that the created IGC file will not be accepted as a valid IGC file for badge and record flights. Make sure not to overwrite an IGC file created from the Cambridge conv-cam or Aero Explorer utilities that you wish to submit for badges and records.

  1.  Download the OLC conversion files. Save the two files, caiolc.exe and igc-cal.dll to the same directory. (It’s suggested to create a CAL-OLC folder to store these two files.) The files are here:

  2. You may wish to create a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on the downloaded caiolc.exe file, and dragging it to your desktop. Click on “Create shortcuts here” to place on your desktop.
  3. To launch the conversion utility, double-click on the caiolc.exe file or the shortcut icon on your desktop.
  4. After the application opens, click on the “Convert .CAI to .IGC for OLC” button. Navigate to the folder that contains the CAI file (Ex: 174c0yb1.cai) that you wish to convert, and select the CAI file by double-clicking on it, or single clicking on it and then hitting “Open” at the bottom of the window.
  5. The utility will create an IGC file with the same filename as the CAI file in the same folder unless this filename already exists. If an IGC file with the same name already exists in the folder, you’ll be given the choice to either replace the existing IGC file, create a new version of the IGC file (a file name of 176c0yb1.igc will be incremented to 176c0yb2.igc as the new version), or save the IGC file to a different location (which you will then specify).
  6. If the CAI file is secure, you’ll get a message stating the “Conversion Succeeded”. Use the created IGC file to submit to the OLC. Use the “Direct Claim” method on the OLC website and browse to your created IGC file.
  7. If the CAI file was not secure, the message will read, “Security check on selected CAI file Failed!” You can re-check the CAI file security by selecting the “Check Log Security” button on the conversion utility. If the CAI file does not pass security, you will not be able to convert it for OLC submission. You can check the security of the converted IGC file using the same method, however it’s unnecessary since the conversion utility will only create secure IGC files.


  1. If your conversion doesn’t succeed, it is most likely one of two problems

    • Your CAI file is not secure – Check using the “Check Log Security” button
    • Your attempting to convert something other than a CAI file. Make sure you’re not attempting to convert an IGC file

  2. Keep track of the folder that the IGC file is created in, and the filename of the created IGC file. Make sure to browse to this file when submitting to the OLC.


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