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ClearNav Software: Firmware Upgrade

ClearNav Software: Firmware Upgrade v40

Note: If the current version of firmware in your ClearNav is v22 then do not try to update beyond that version. Instead it needs to be returned to the factory for updates to bring the unit up to IGC standards. There is no charge ... see the service page for contact information.

If you currently have firmware v30 or higher, proceed as follows:

1. Download and unzip (extract) the folder.

2. Open the folder--you will find eight (8) items.


3. Put these 8 items onto a blank memory stick (stick size cannot be greater than 4GB). DO NOT put the folder onto the memory stick ONLY the 8 items inside the folder.

4. Remove memory stick from PC.

5. Turn on the CN and wait until the ClearNav has fully booted to the main flying screen. If the CN takes less than 40s to reach the main flying screen, then proceed as follows:

6. Plug the memory stick  into the CN and wait until you are prompted to remove the stick.

7. Remove the stick and restart the ClearNav. You are done!

8. To verify that your ClearNav has updated properly, perform the following:

Go to: Menu > Personal Preferences > Tools > About Clear Navigator

You should see the line: “Firmware Version 40 Built 2011/6/17”

If your CN takes longer than 40s from the time you turn it on until the scroll bar completes its sweep, then you will need to perform the following extra steps before you can proceed with the installation described  above:

Boot the CN….Go To: Menu > Personal Preferences > Waypoints > then unload your  waypoint database………unloading the database decreases the boot time of the instrument and will allow you to successfully install the new firmware.

Don’t forget to re-load your waypoints after you have completed the firmware upgrade.



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