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The ClearNav Flight Computer has the capability of receiving and displaying traffic and warning information generated by a Flarm device.

CNi recommends that a pilot using this option become very familiar with the PowerFlarm website as the ClearNav only displays information received from a Flarm device.

ClearNav will display other Flarm equipped traffic on the main map display.  It is necessary to zoom in to a small scale to be able to see this traffic.  Traffic is displayed as a glider icon with two numbers next to it.  The top number is relative altitude in 100's of feet (or meters) and the bottom number is average climb rate.

ADS-B (transponder) traffic will be displayed in a similar fashion.

PCAS (Mode C) transponder traffic is displayed as a blue circle that depicts the range of the target.  A circle is displayed as PCAS does not convey bearing information.  Relative altitude and climb are also displayed. 

If Flarm detects a collision warning situation, ClearNav will display the warning box showing the threat vector and altitude. A quick glance following the warning tone is all it takes to determine the bearing and altitude of the threat.

Better yet, ClearNav provides an audio warning of the threat. Sound files available from the CNi website must be loaded for this feature to function. Click here for audio warning demo.

The audio warning can be significantly enhanced by installing an auxiliary speaker available from CNi.



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