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ClearNav Gear Warning Operation



The Gear warning logic is based on a model using the following sequence of states and activity:

1) Sitting on the ground (not flying: IAS <25kts, with undercarriage down and airbrakes closed)

      a. AS > 25kts

2) Flying, launch not complete

      a. Undercarriage is put up

3)      Flying

      a. Undercarriage is put down

4)      Landing

      a. IAS < 25 knots

5)      Landed

6)      BACK TO STATE 1

You get a "GEAR!" warning anytime spoilers are open and the gear is up.

You get a "SPOILERS!" warning if spoilers are open and the launch is not complete.

"Launch complete" state is set when you are flying and gear is up and spoilers are closed.

"Launch complete" state is reset when not flying (ie: IAS < 25kts) for a few seconds.

Important Notes - conditions that may cause confusing gear messages/states:
·         if the pitot/static sensors are not calibrated and you manage to get IAS of >25kts sat on the ground.
·         You don’t know about the 1 minute timeout.  This is necessary so you don’t get a spoilers warning on the ground run after landing.

You can test the whole system if you have the glider on a belly dolly and can give the pitot more than 25kts of pressure.

For people that need to open their spoilers on takeoff pressing the BR button will cancel the alarm in the next release of software.

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