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ClearNav Flight Computer Overview

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Whether flying contests, OLC flights, badge flights or just plain flying for fun, the ClearNav II Flight Computer gives you everything you need to fly safely and fast.

Task management, airspace, and landability information are all clearly presented on the large, high contrast and extremely bright full VGA display.

Essential flight data is clearly and logically presented on the bottom of the screen and is highly configurable.  A simple and intuitive user interface make for a fast learning experience and does not require a manual or even a quickstart card if you don’t fly for a couple of weeks.

Our design philosophy is focused on ease of use, and on providing the pilot with information just from glancing at the screen.  An example of this is the landability amoeba which shows the glide range in all directions taking into account the glider polar, MC setting, wind, height, and terrain.  Another example is our unique presentation of equidistance arcs which greatly simplifies area task management.

The combination of a nine-button controller and a “block” cursor minimizes heads down time and makes for fast and easy screen selections. Finally, flexible mounting options allow for installation in almost any glider.

large, bright ClearNav display Moving map with selectable layers
Moving map shows just the right degree of contour and terrain information, together with clear display of airports and turnpoints. User settings allow you to show or suppress selected details as desired.
large, bright ClearNav display Glide “amoeba”
ClearNavigator’s unique visual presentation of all areas you can reach given current conditions. This instantly understandable graphical presentation of your landable footprint takes altitude, glider polar, wind and terrain into account and also depicts your reachable footprint above a user-settable arrival altitude.
large, bright ClearNav display Task optimization
Includes intuitive area task optimization through clearly drawn turn point arcs.
large, bright ClearNav display Airspace monitor
Visual display of all SUA’s, with audio proximity alarms and easily accessed details.
Flarm Flarm Alert
Visual and Audio alerts of all FLARM and transponder traffic.
A full-function remote keypad

clear navThe ClearNav ships standard with a small handheld remote designed to be easily operated with the non-flying hand. At the heart of the ClearNav 9-button configuration is the standard “up-down-left-right-select” combination commonly found on AV and game remotes, phones, cameras and more. The function of these controls is familiar and instantly clear to every user. The buttons have a logical layout and excellent feedback. Pilots quickly find that they never need to look at the remote to operate the ClearNav. As an optional accessory, we offer an elegant teak stick handle with the remote keypad (plus PTT button) incorporated in the ergonomically designed top.

The ClearNav display is not cluttered with confusing buttons or dials. There are no rows of unmarked buttons, or even worse, buttons whose functions change unpredictably on different screens, thus competing for the pilot’s attention during flight. The ClearNav also does not employ a touch screen. They are difficult to reach in some gliders, and are extremely challenging to operate in turbulence. We believe the combination of the keypad and the “block” cursor is the optimal control solution in a glider.

A simple user interface

The stressful and fast-changing environment typical of a glider flight demands a simple, versatile user interface. All key performance values are displayed in compact strips that border the main screen while still preserving most of the area for the map display. This avoids the need for frequent and distracting screen switching.

A single button-touch summons a simple “ribbon” menu with large clear icons that controls all frequently used functions and values.


A more comprehensive set of text menus support full control of less frequently used functions.

Considerable care has been taken to ensure the user interface is simple and consistent — buttons do what a pilot expects them to do. This contributes to the goal of a straightforward instrument that serves, rather than fights, the pilot. The ClearNav is highly configurable, so it can support a wide range of pilot preferences. We believe that pilots of all types and at all levels of the sport deserve an easy-to-use instrument that concentrates on meeting their specific needs and helps ensure their safety by providing complete situational awareness. large, bright ClearNav display
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