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ClearNav Flight Computer Overview

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Integral GPS & secure flight recorder
large, bright ClearNav display The ClearNav includes a state-of-the-art rapid-update (4 Hz) GPS engine for accurate position sensing, and a secure IGC Certified flight recorder that makes a complete record of every flight.
Airspeed input compatibility
large, bright ClearNav display The ClearNav’s high resolution GPS and software allow it to accurately calculate wind from thermal displacement. However, the ClearNav can also accept airspeed data input from a Cambridge 302 for even more accurate wind calculations in all circumstances. (Requires optional cable assembly from NK.) Compatibility with the CAI L-Nav and S-Nav may be possible in the future, but will require a firmware revision to the L-Nav and S-Nav.
Near unlimited memory and easy data transfer
The ClearNav has a 2GB internal flash memory capable of holding turn point, terrain, map and airspace information for a substantial part of the earth’s surface. The ClearNav will be able to hold detailed data for all the sites that a typical pilot might fly in a lifetime, as well as flight logs covering hundreds of flying hours. Pilots will appreciate never again having to struggle with the constraints of limited memory.
large, bright ClearNav display Data upload and download is easily accomplished via either a removable SD flash card or a USB memory stick – sockets for both are provided. To further ease data access, we offer a panel-mounted USB socket accessory that requires just a 1” diameter cutout and also provides a front-panel connector for the remote control. This ensures easy access to the USB socket in every glider, no matter which installation configuration is selected. Maps, waypoint files and software updates are simply copied onto the memory device and uploaded to the ClearNav memory. (Software updates include self-install utilities.) A PC based configurator application will enable creation of glider configuration and user profiles for quick and easy upload. (This information may also be entered directly into the ClearNav.) The SD card and USB memory stick are also used to transfer secure flight records in seconds. Because the ClearNav will encrypt every flight record continuously on the fly, flight log transfer will be almost instantaneous and will not require any cables or external applications.
Multiple installation options

Recognizing that some customers will be building their panels from scratch around the ClearNav, and some will be adding to a fully populated and crowded panel, NK is offering three installation options.

large, bright ClearNav display
  On Panel: The basic ClearNav system will include everything you need for an on-panel installation. This installation option requires a small cutout for the nexus board and four holes for the mounting screws (matches 2 ¼” / 57 mm instrument mounting holes). On-panel installation is flexible and requires minimum panel modification. The ClearNav’s thin profile results in a sleek look, and on-panel mounting minimizes the panel footprint required. On-Panel Installation Instructions
large, bright ClearNav display   Through Panel: For those building their panel from scratch, through-panel mounting results in a flush, integrated appearance. The through-panel mounting kit includes a sturdy aluminum frame and bracket that conceals the cut-out edges. Through-Panel Installation Instructions
Behind Panel
  Behind Panel : Aluminum bezel, standoffs, support bracket and template for mounting ClearNav display behind the panel. The cutout for this mount follows the perimeter of the ClearNav display window, and the body of the ClearNav is concealed behind the panel. Behind -Panel Installation Instructions
  Tunnel Mount : The Tunnel Mount kit includes the tunnel fixture and all other components to support the installation. A Powder-coated aluminum "tunnel" attaches to rear of panel to set the ClearNav unit 2.0" back from the panel surface. The cutout for this mount follows the perimeter of the ClearNav display window, and the recess allows installation of other instruments next to the panel cutout. The additional shading provided by the recess also allows use of lower brightness setting, reducing power consumption. Includes standoffs, support bracket and template.Tunnel Mount Installation Instructions
large, bright ClearNav display   RAM® mount: For those whose first thought when looking at their panel is “where can I put it?” we offer a sturdy RAM mount to allow installation of the ClearNav near the side of the panel. The mount hinges permit the ClearNav to be moved to the side to permit clear viewing of any obscured instruments. RAM Mount Installation Instructions
large, bright ClearNav display   Wiring the ClearNav is simple – a single compact “nexus” board mounts all required socket connectors and provides a secure screw terminal strip for fast and easy cable connections with only a screwdriver. The nexus board either plugs directly into the back of the ClearNav or can be mounted behind the panel and connected to the ClearNav via a low-profile extension cable. We also include a small diameter (1”) panel-mounted USB/remote connector to facilitate easy access no matter the panel configuration. Cutting templates are provided where required, and any installation can be completed in under an hour. Wiring Instructions
Size: 4.3”w x 5.8 ”h x 1.1”d (109mm x 147mm x 27mm)
Weight: 1 lb (450 g)
Display size: 3.5” x 4.6” (88mm x 117mm)
Operating System: Windows CE/.NET
Power requirements: 9 – 16 VDC
Power consumption: 0.3 to 0.7 amps at 12v (0.3 at minimum brightness, 0.7 at max)
ClearNav Instruments plans to develop and market a full line of gliding instruments. To ensure trouble-free interoperability, all will incorporate a robust broadband data link plus power connections. With this scheme, future configuration changes and system expansions will be easy

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