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Nav Display Gooseneck Mounts

Kits and components provide 4" (100mm) or 6" (150mm) offset from instrument panel.

The gooseneck can be installed directly on the panel by drilling a 10mm hole ... or by use of an existing 57mm instrument hole using the custom panel mounting plate.

This plate attaches on the back side of the panel and provides a center gooseneck mounting hole - plus an offset corner hole.

The plate can be rotated on installation to put the offset gooseneck mounting hole in any quadrant - allowing optimum placement of the instrument.

The Nav Display attaches to the instrument mounting plate using the corner instrument mounting posts and four new nylon nuts (black) supplied with the kit.

See the price list for available kits and components.


ClearNav Remote Speaker

A remote speaker dramatically improves the clarity and volume of audio alerts (ex. "Target ... eleven o'clock high.") generated by ClearNav Flight Computers that are conected to a FLARM.

This unit is very compact (3.25" x 3.25" x 2.25") and light - allowing any number of creative mounting options in a tight cockpit.

Unit comes with a removable mounting bracket, six feet of connecting wire, and a plug.

See Tech Notes for important connection details.



Variometer Temperature Probe

A remote temperature probe will allow the ClearNav Variometer to calculate more accurate true airspeed which leads to more accurate wind speed and vector calculations.

See the Air Data Computer Connector Map in Tech Notes for important connection details..


Remote Control, Stick Mounted

Retrofitting for the Stick Handle Remote is possible at any time after installing the ClearNav. Retaining the original handheld remote is recommended to enable use in other gliders or at home with the power adapter.

When placing an order please provide the radio brand and the model so we can provide the correct remote control PTT circuit. The PTT electronics differ by radio.

clear nav

Remote Control, Stick Mount Module Only

For the do-it-yourselfer who prefers to fashion their own stick mount, or to be combined with a stick handle manufactured by a third-party. 10-button remote control panel including PTT button and wiring.

When placing an order please provide the radio brand and the model so we can provide the correct remote control PTT circuit. The PTT electronics differ by radio.

RAM mount

Mounting Kit - RAM

Double-hinged RAM mount, ClearNav mounting plate and mounting hardware. Allows ClearNav to be mounted on side of panel or instrument cluster, in front of other instruments. Most flexible mounting option for fully-populated panels. Requires 0645 DB15 Extension Cable.

DB15 Cable

Power Adapter

120V wall adapter for your CN. Check your stats from the comfort of your living room. Requires remote handle.

DB15 Cable

Accessory Cable - DB15 Extension

Multi-conductor 2' cable with extremely flexible and abrasion resistant jacket. Connects ClearNav to Nexus Junction Box installed behind panel. Terminates with removable screw-terminal strip socket to permit installation through small panel hole. Required for RAM mounting. May be added to other mounting options to permit installation of Nexus Junction Box in location other than directly on rear of ClearNav.

CAI 302

Accessory Cable - CAI-302 Connection

Connect CAI-302 to Nexus Junction Box to provide wind data input to ClearNav and permit download of CAI flight logs through ClearNav USB port.


Accessory Cable - FLARM

Connect FLARM unit to Nexus Junction Box to provide display of FLARM data.

2nd Seat

Accessory Cable - 2nd Seat CAN-Bus Connection

Connect front seat ClearNav to second seat ClearNav to allow sharing of wind data (from CAI-302 and future supported variometers) and FLARM data.


Remote Control, Handheld

Handheld 9-button wired remote control with RJ22 connector. Slim, contoured and comfortable for use in non-flying hand. Recommended for backup and out-of-cockpit use even if installing stick remote.

GPS Antenna

GPS Antenna

Amplified external GPS antenna with Dual-Lock mounting strips. Attaches directly to ClearNav.


Nexus Junction Box w/ Hookup Wires

Compact junction box with multiple connectors to : DB-15 for connection directly to ClearNav, 15-contact connector strip to mate with removable socket on DB-15 Extension Cable, power hookup, panel power on/off switch, 2 CAN bus connectors and 2 RJ22 connectors. Accommodates all installation configurations as well as future system expansion through CAN-Bus. Mounted directly on rear of ClearNav in behind panel installations, or mounted behind panel and connected to ClearNav on RAM Mount using DB-15 Extension Cable. See detailed Nexus Box mounting and hookup instructions.


Panel Sockets, CAN/USB

1" round panel insert containing USB and RJ-22 sockets. Provides quick access for USB memory stick and remote control connection with any panel or installation configuration.


USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

8 GB USB flash drive memory stick.


Second Seat Installation

The same mounting options and components are used when installing the ClearNav in the second seat in a duo glider. Two ClearNav systems installed in one glider will operate completely independently as they each contain a GPS and full functionality. If one ClearNav is connected to a Cambridge 302 for airspeed data, a CANbus extension cable may be used to connect the two Nexus Boards to enable sharing of the airspeed data. Additional data and function sharing may be available in the future.


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