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ClearNav PC Simulator

SimThe ClearNav PC Simulator is an excellent tool to learn ClearNav system and software features. However, the PC interface is somewhat limited in its ability to demonstrate the intuitive ease of use of the ClearNav system in actual flight.

(If possible, we recommend learning the ClearNav system at home using your actual unit and remote controller, running the internal simulator found under "Setup Menu/Tools". The ClearNav can be powered with a 12v battery or power supply that can be ordered from your dealer).

It is important to use the PC Simulator with the documentation available on our website. This includes the ClearNav online manual and the article on "Flying TAT's with ClearNav" found in "Tips and Tricks".

The PC Simulator is using our latest "alpha" software. See Change Notes under "ClearNav Downloads/Version" to understand new features. (note: the new FLARM features will not function in simulation mode.)

Since is the latest software version for the ClearNav, it has not yet been tested extensively and you may encounter a few problems.

Please advise us of any issues you may discover while using the PC Simulator.

ClearNav Flight Simulator & Instructions

1. Download the "" file to your desktop.

2. Unzip the the zip file to a folder on your desktop.

3. Open the resulting folder titled and double-click the CN_PC.exe file to run the program.

You will find that the Hawaii map is preloaded into the Simulator, with a default destination of Dillingham. You can download maps for your area from the cn-sim-maps.html page.

Please use your keyboard's numeric keypad to navigate the program. The 1 - 9 keys emulate the operation of the hand controller - see the graphic below for mapping.

Download ClearNav Quick Reference Card or view the online ClearNav Operations Manual to understand features in detail.


Please note:

1. If used on a laptop you may have to purchase a USB numeric keypad. See a few available options from Amazon and check its compatibility with your computer.

2. You might need to click on the program to "wake it up"

2. .NET Framework is required to run the simulator. If the simulator is not working, download .NET Here

3. There are two ways to exit the program:

A. Esc. Key

B. Stretch the ClearNav PC Simulator window to the right and click on the EXIT button.

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