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Using the CNv Thermal Assistant



To use this new feature you need both an XC license (0628) and the Digital display (0625).

Thermal Assistant Display Example - Interpreting the Data

  • The glider is circling left
  • The average climb rate since the climb begun (2 minutes and 22 seconds ago) is 2.6 kt
  • The average climb for the last 20 seconds is 3.6 kts
  • The lift strength around the circle is proportional to the height of the “wall”
  • The glider is not centered
  • As the glider continues to circle the solid arrow will line up with the dotted fiducial line at which point the pilot rolls out to make the correction


To set up the Thermal Assistant (TA) screen, you have to start at the FLIGHT screen.

To go to the FLIGHT screen (displayed) from any other screen - press and hold the left arrow on the display for one second.

Next press and release the right arrow button from the FLIGHT screen to display the TA screen.

Then press and release the GO button to access the TA controls:

By default the TA is enabled.  It can be disabled by using either the up or down arrow:


Press and release GO repeatedly to cycle through the options available:

Using the Up/Down buttons you can change the angle by which the indicated correction leads or lags your glider during circling.

A ping identifies the point at which you should roll out for a centering correction.  This can be very helpful in situations where it’s not possible to monitor the display.  The ping can be turned off or on using either the Up or Down buttons.

The TA can be displayed either automatically when the vario determines that the glider is circling and climbing, or it can be displayed manually.  In manual mode use the Right arrow button to display the TA.

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