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ClearNav Software Upgrade


1. Download the new ClearNav software

2. Unzip the file.

3. The result will be as follows (size may differ slightly):

4. Plug you ClearNav USB stick into your PC and open it up. The result will be similar to this:

ClearNav Upgrade

Note 1: If your stick is not exactly the same and contains several other files that's okay and totally normal.

Note 2: If you use a memory stick not supplied by ClearNav - make sure the size is no larger than 4GB. Larger memory sticks available will not work.

5. Delete the following:

  1. ClearNavUpdater.exe
  2. ClearNavUpdater.NKS
  3. CN.exe
  4. CN.NKS
  5. Languages Folder

6. Replace the files you deleted from the stick with the four NEW program files - and the Languages Folder and Sounds Folder.

7. Plug your ClearNav USB stick into your ClearNav and then turn it on.

8. ClearNav Updater will boot. Check the software box and sounds box (if FLARM voice alarms are desired) then check the update box.

9. The ClearNav software will load and then the ClearNav will boot up.

10. You should see v2.2.0.73 on the boot screen.

11. Make sure your ClearNav is updated to the latest firmware version. Available Here »



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